PNI Attend China UnionPay Product Launch

Beijing, June 9, 2011

PNI was pleased to attend the official launch in Beijing of two exciting new products from China UnionPay Co Ltd, China’s only bankcard network. The new products provide a greatly improved method to accept payments online and via mobile through a new payments platform which uses bankcard codes instead of physical cards to purchase and pay for goods. This card not present payment system removes the need for Chinese cardholders to login to their online bank account to authorize an online payment, providing far greater efficiencies to the checkout process for a customer. The benefits include greater security, a faster payment checkout and arguably an improved level of customer loyalty. Payments can be accepted from all Chinese debit and credit cards, from a low micropayments level to larger ticket items.

The new platform has already been integrated to more than 60 Chinese banks, with the total number of connecting Chinese banks expected to reach more than 200. The mobile payments platform is compatible with popular mobile operating systems (OS), including Apple Inc.'s iOS, Google Inc.'s Android and Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Phone 7 OS. The internet platform is compatible with Windows Internet Explorer from Microsoft.

As an official international business partner to ChinaPay, the PNI group of companies is now able to offer these products to merchants in China and Internationally as a Value Added Reseller.

For detailed information on these new payment services in China please contact China Payment Services (CPS) via: or call +61 (7) 3113 4007.